Doggy Dan Review: Is it the online dog trainer for you?

Did you know that the first recorded case of domesticated wolves first appeared over 15,000 years ago? Experts theorize that canine domestication may have first occurred 27,000 to 40,000 years ago.

And yet to this day dogs are still our most preferred human companions (don’t let cats know we said this). Technology has improved our lives in so many ways, it’s not surprising that we would find a way to use the internet to innovate and simplify dog training.

While there are hundreds of online dog training programs, today, we’re here to review one. Firstly, we need to know who Doggy Dan is.

Who is Doggy Dan?

The Doggy Dan online trainer is actually named after its founder who goes by the name: “Doggy Dan”. Not only does he run the website but he also accounts on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, where he gives helpful advice about your pet.

The most prominent one is his YouTube account, where he uploads helpful videos on training and treating your pet. Dan is based in New Zealand and he believes in understanding and raising dogs for what they are, not for what you want them to be.

It’s the same approach he takes to parenting. The reason why we’ve brought up Dan’s background and approach is that it’s important to know that the man behind the software is a solid human being.

It’s important to know that he actually cares about dogs and that this is a passion project, not just a monetary one. Can you trust someone who doesn’t like dogs to actually train dogs?

We think not. Doggy Dan seems to love dogs and he takes pride in training them with a caring and loving approach.

Doggy Dan Review

Aesthetics and Design

Doggy Dan’s Website seems to be a bit outdated in terms of design. The colors and controls are a bit jarring. Not to mention the header image.

The home page takes a while to load, this could be hazardous for a slow internet connection. The way it’s organized leaves a lot to be desired.

If you scroll through the homepage, it lists a few questions that connect to various parts of the site. For instance, if you’re there to find help for a disobedient dog, you can click on the “I want my dog to listen and come every time I call” link.

This will take you to another part of the website with more questions. Once you answer them, it will give you a page that helps remedy your issues with your dog. We like the interactive element.

Back to the home page. If scroll down past the interactive portion of the home page, you’re met with a dedication to Dan’s deceased dog, “Peanut”.

Underneath that, is a feed to Dan’s Facebook page where numerous users have left a few comments about why they love Dan’s program so much. It holds over 2000 comments.

In all honesty, the site could have been designed a lot better. The color scheme is outdated and some of the controls look a little cheap.

Rating: 2/5

Ease of Use

Although the design may leave a lot to be desired, the website itself is still very easy to traverse and navigate through. If you’re not 100% sure where to go, the interactive element on the home page will help you find your place and choose which part of the program would be most helpful to you.

The top utility bar on the website makes it even easier to help you explore key sections of the site. Home will take you home. The about section will tell you more about the program as well as the site. It also has a solutions sections that will give you various solutions to help you overcome your dog’s behavioral problems.

It also has links to Dan’s blog, podcasts, and reviews. Signing up for one of Dan’s programmes doesn’t take much work either. You can simply click on the join button and be transported to a screen where you can choose the best package suited for you.

Surprisingly the login screen is the best-looking part of the entire website. All you need to do to log in is supply the website with your email address and password.

Rating: 4/5

Price and Packages

Doggy Dan comes with a few packages to choose from. You can start with a free trial which gives you access to all the packages for free. The free trial lasts for seven days.

After the free trial is over, you can choose to cancel your membership or pay the full fee of $37 per month. The free trial gives you full access to the complete package.

You can save by purchasing six-month access to Doggy Dan’s full package. This will actually save you 12.50 per month as the six-month package costs $147. It seems like great value for money.

Since the Online Dog Trainer Complete Pack is a compilation of all Doggy Dan’s training courses, let’s run through each package contained within it.

1.     The Dog Calming Code (VALUE $97)

This program addresses the cause of your dog’s underlying issue and ensures that they remain in the calm learning state when you start the training.

2.     Everyday Tools & Techniques (VALUE $27)

To assist you with your training, this package goes behind the scenes and takes a look at the essential tools and clever tricks Dan uses every day to succeed with the super-challenging dogs—no matter what is happening around them.

3.     Perfect Puppy Program (VALUE $47)

This is one of the most popular programs on the list. It shows users how to raise the perfect puppy and solve all those early behavioral problems, as well as command training. From learning to stay to stopping biting or chewing. This program offers everything you need to know about your puppy.

4.     Project Moses Video Diary (VALUE $47)

This program allows you to learn from all the videos Doggy Dan captured as his new puppy Moses progresses from 8 weeks to 1 year. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall inside a professional dog trainer’s home and see how they raise their puppy, then this is program gives you the chance to do so.

5.     All Dog Problems Solved (VALUE $97)

This program is the core of the entire package. This is where users get to see the actual training. It’s created to stop any barking, pulling on leash, aggression, jumping, and not coming when called. It basically helps solve any disobedience.

6.     Dan’s Dog Training 101 (VALUE $67)

This program contains all the most basic and more advanced dog training. This includes how to motivate dogs without the use of food, how to read a dog’s body language, command training and more.

7.     Doggy Dan’s Community Forum (VALUE $149)

This part of the package actually allows you to connect with Dan as a person. This gives you access to the forum where you can ask Dan and his any question regarding your dog. You can also show Dan videos of your dog’s problems and he will give you advice, accordingly.

You can also use the forum to socialize with other member and get to know other like-minded dog lovers from all over the world.

Honestly, Doggy Dan’s full package is a little pricey. But you’re getting a lot of value from it. It also seems to be cheaper than hiring an actual trainer. And you get a lot of value and helpful tips from Dan himself.

Rating: 4/5

Customer Support

Doggy Dan seems to shine in the customer support department. He gives users the opportunity to reach out to him and his team using a multitude of methods. You can seek support on his Facebook page, through the blog, on the actual website itself and even through email.

Dan gets full marks for customer support.

Rating: 5/5

Doggy Dan’s Training Philosophy

Earlier on, we spoke in depth about how Dan as a person. Unfortunately being a good person who loves dogs does not necessarily mean you’ll be a good trainer.

So it’s important to explore Doggy Dan’s training philosophy because that’s where the meat and potatoes are.

Doggy Dan’s philosophy is largely based on the idea of a pack. Because dogs evolved from other canines such as wolves, it’s not hard to see why he’d use this angle for training.

Dan doesn’t use conventional methods of pack training though. For Dan, it’s not about domination through fear.

It’s about compassion and understanding. It’s about establishing a strong but kind leader for them to follow. Once a dog respects you, it will have no qualms about following you.

Doggy Dan is fully endorsed by the S.P.C.A so you can trust his methods. That goes a long way in deciding if his training program is worth it for you.

Doggy Dan also believes in balance. He uses a mixture of corrective training methods with a touch of positive and no force methods.

He starts off with positive techniques to earn your dog’s trust. If your dog is a tough case, he moves on to a more corrective discipline orientated style. The latter may be a little rough, especially on sensitive dogs.

But Dan actually cares about your animal. So you can fully trust his methods.

Pack Training

When you enter into the website for the first time, you have the option of choosing a section that allows that teaches you how you can be the “pack leader” in your dog’s life.

The basic idea behind ‘pack training’ is to constantly remind your dog that you are the alpha or a higher ranking member while s/he is your subordinate.

This is achieved by mimicking some of the behaviors of wolves whenever you interact with your dog. In the case of a puppy, you’ll act as the mother wolf to train your puppy.

This essentially keeps your pup in check. It doesn’t mean if you don’t do this, they’ll grow up to be disobedient but this prevents any disobedience.

It should be noted that this is only one of Dan’s many training methods. Some may be put off by it but it’s been proven to work.

What Do Customers Say Though?

If you visit Dan’s site, the bottom you are met with a Facebook feed. There are over 2000 comments lauding and thanking Dan for his amazing program. Here are some of the comments:

“ I enjoy all the information shared with the Online Dog Trainer. I have a 9-month-old German Shepherd who has some fear-based aggression that is an ongoing challenge for us.” – Kimberly Sawalha

“online dog trainer has helped me in several situations related to our dog’s behaviors. The strategies work like magic!” – Linda

“Best online program ever! I just need to train myself in order to have a great dog! Easy to understand, love being able to go back to the videos for recall. Love the “live” examples of all of Dan’s dogs as examples. I’m so glad I invested in the year-long program. Couldn’t live without it! Thank you so much, Dan, for a terrific training program!” – Susan Ferrin

“Wow! What would I have done without Doggy Dan! I’ve tried so many things that haven’t made a difference but with Doggy Dan I can finally help feel saner and help my dog to be calmer as well!” – Kristi Welch



Despite its minor pitfalls, we actually recommend Doggy Dan. If you don’t like it, you can always ask for your money back. It has a 60-day money back guarantee. It has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The best thing about Doggy Dan is that the bulk of the content is presented to you in the form of videos. This makes it easier to follow Dan’s examples and instructions.

Also, Dan’s prices are a lot less expensive than traditional dog trainers that you see in person. This is one of the most extensive Doggy Dan articles you’ll find on the internet.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Thank you for reading.